Grains Milled to Perfection

We mill grain the same way it has been done for 30,000 years.

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Stone Grain Milling

At Early Bird Farm & Mill, we mill grain the same way it has been done for 30,000 years, using hand-sharpened granite stones.

The Grains

Early Bird Farm partners with other Northern California grain farmers to provide the best available wheat, corn, rye, rice, and other grains to our customers. Some of our closest relationships are with Pleasant Grove Farm, Full Belly Farm, and Grass Valley Grains, all farms within an hour or two of our farm.
Early Bird Farm mills grain for wholesale distributors such as Produce Express, Tahoe Food Hub, and Next Generation Foods, who share our product throughout Northern California, Reno, and Tahoe.
Year-round, we have many different products available. Hard Red Spring Wheat Flour, Alpowa Soft White Wheat Flour, White Corn Polenta, and Rye are some of our staple grains.
Early Bird Farm also grows small crop grains, mostly for demonstration purposes, as students and visitors come to learn about the ancient ways of agriculture. Sometimes small batches of specialty, heirloom grains are made available directly off the farm or to select restaurants.

The Mill

Milling grain with granite stones has been an art and science which has been practiced for 30,000 years. Drew Speroni, the lead farmer, and miller at Early Bird Farm, applying his knowledge of modern precision machining to the ancient art, has perfected his method of caring for the stones, ensuring a fine grind of flour while preserving the integrity of the grain by keeping the temperatures low. Orders are made available the day they are milled, freshness and quality being of utmost importance to us.

Our Grains


Espresso Hard Red Spring Wheat Flour

Our organically grown Hard Red Spring Wheat Flour is grown by Ed Sills of Pleasant Grove Farm, and is milled with our stone mills into a fine wheat flour. It is rare to find a stone milled flour as fine and flavorful as this one. A sweet aroma and flavor, it is delicious in breads, pizzas, and more. This flour is also used in tortillas that contain whole wheat. This is our highest protein content flour, and the fine texture ensures a good rise, even with 100% whole grain baking.

Available in 10 and 25 pound bags.

Alpowa Soft White Wheat Flour

Our Alpowa Soft White Wheat Flour is organically grown by Ed Sills at Pleasant Grove Farm in Wheatland, California. This is a delicious, mellow soft wheat that is wonderful for baking pastries, flatbreads, focaccia, tortillas and more.

Our flours are made available the day they are milled, ensuring ultimate freshness, nutrition and flavor.

Pioneer White Corn Grits

Pioneer White Corn Grits are coarsely stone ground. Top them with butter and salt, cheese or gravy and serve with seafood, meats or vegetables. They make a delicious hot breakfast cereal or can be used for making polenta. Pioneer White Corn is organically grown by Pleasant Grove Farm in Northern California.

Pioneer White Corn Polenta

Pioneer White Corn Polenta is finely stone ground. This creamy and sweet polenta is delicious topped with basil, feta and bruschetta. It also can be cooked into breads or used underneath pizza dough. This unique polenta is not available elsewhere. It is made from an Italian variety of corn grown by Pleasant Grove Farm.

Whole Grain Mixes

Our famous Early Bird Farm Pancake and Waffle Mix are available at stores throughout Nevada County such as SPD Market and Briar Patch Co-Op. Or order right here for direct shipping or pick up at a farmer’s market of your choice.
Also, look for our delicious Skillet Cornbread Mix and Pioneer White Corn Polenta in retail outlets.
Our mixes are also sold to restaurants, being enjoyed at places like the Sacramento King’s “Golden One” Arena in Sacramento.