Organically Grown Stone-Ground Grains

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At Early Bird Farm & Mill we produce the most flavorful, fresh, nutrient-dense grains available!

Visit our store, experience our products, see how the art and science of organic soil stewardship produce the best flour and grain.


Farmer and Miller Drew Speroni established Early Bird Farm in 2014.

See What Our Customers Say

“Your flour is outstanding..

And it’s more than just your flour for me… it’s the knowledge, research, and commitment to your craft that makes you special.”
-Drew Schultz, Chef, Clover Valley Culinary

“I am so grateful for what you do…

You are bringing back the way food was meant to be consumed.”


Dave, Farmer’s Market customer

“Early Bird flour feels different…

As bakers, we poke, touch, & pat dough all day. These check-ins are noticeably more special with Early Bird flour.  We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work with freshly-milled flour from Early Bird. It challenges us as bakers each week & we welcome that newness with every bake!””
Faria Bakery

Learn More about Stone Grain Milling Here!

Check out our step-by-step demonstration video on how to make Wild Yeast Sourdough Bread, and how to care for the starter!