Yecora Rojo Wheat Flour

Yecora Rojo, a hard red spring wheat, is renowned for its creamy texture and excellent bread-making performance. Developed in Mexico, this 100% whole grain variety boasts strong gluten content and fermentation tolerance. Thus, it’s favored by artisan bakers for creating high-quality breads with desirable volume and chewy texture.Moreover, Covered Bridge Farm regeneratively grew this small Yecora Rojo crop from just a handful of seeds. Remarkably, they anticipate a yield of 10-15 tons next year! Their focus on soil biodiversity and nutrient density enhances the grains’ flavor.

Our stone ground Yecora Rojo flour has 12.5% protein, contributing to its robust gluten network. Therefore, it excels in structured breads like sourdough, baguettes, and other European-style artisan loaves. Additionally, its classic creamy white color with a red hue from the bran imparts a subtle, nutty flavor complementing various bread recipes. Furthermore, its high water absorption capacity makes it popular among bakers preferring moist, tender crumbs. Early Bird Farm continually seeks high-quality, California-grown whole grains offering consistent flavor, nutrition, and diversity. Consequently, Yecora Rojo flour garners praise for its baking reliability and predictable results – crucial for professional and enthusiast bakers alike. Whether used solely or blended, our Yecora Rojo hard red wheat flour is a pantry staple for those appreciating high-quality, flavorful breads.


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Yecora Rojo Wheat Flour is made from a hard red spring wheat known for its creamy texture and robust performance in bread making. This variety was developed in Mexico, and is favored by many artisan bakers for its strong gluten content and excellent fermentation tolerance, which are essential for creating high-quality breads with good volume and a desirable chewy texture. This variety was grown by Covered Bridge Farm, a small farm paying close attention to the biodiversity of the soil and the nutrient density, as well as the flavor, of the grains. This was a small crop which started with just Our flour milled from Yecora Rojo wheat has a 12.5% protein content, which contributes to its strong gluten network. This makes it an excellent choice for breads that require significant structure, like sourdough, baguettes, and other European-style artisan breads. The classic creamy white color of Yecora Rojo, with a hint of red inherited from the hard red hue of the wheat grain’s bran. When baked, it imparts a subtle, nutty flavor that complements a wide range of bread recipes. Its ability to absorb a lot of water makes it very popular among bakers who prefer a moist, tender crumb in their bread. Early Bird Farm is always on the hunt for the highest quality California grown grains that provide consistency as well as diversity of flavor and nutrition. Yecora Rojo flour is often praised for its consistency and reliability in baking, providing predictable results that are crucial for professional bakers and enthusiasts alike. Whether used alone or blended with other flours, our Yecora Rojo hard red wheat flour is a staple in the pantry of those who appreciate high-quality, flavorful breads.