Wit Wolkoring/Abruzzi Rye Flour


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Wit Wolkoring/ Abruzzi Rye 80:20 Blend: Wit Wolkoring (white woolly wheat) was selected as an alternative to Sonora wheat, from a similar climate region in South Africa, and has proved to be quite similar to Sonora. The difference is most readily seen in the field. The heads of Wit Wolkoring are cream colored like the straw, whereas those of the Sonora are bronze. Like the Sonora the heads are also woolly, or velvety, in appearance. Though a soft white wheat, Wit Wolkoring tends to have slightly higher protein and better gluten strength than many soft wheats, making it a versatile grain for artisan sourdough bread baking as well as many pastry applications. This blend has 20% heritage Abruzzi Rye as well, not only because it increases the versatility and protein content of the blend and enhances the flavor, but also because rye is a wonderful cover crop as well, helping to build the soil while growing our food. The roots of the rye plants grow deeper into the soil, helping the wheat to draw up essential nutrients and minerals, and helping to create a robust soil food web, ensuring a more resilient and robust heritage crop.