Organic Alpowa Soft White Wheat Flour

Discover the magic of baking with Early Bird Farm & Mill’s Organic Alpowa Soft White Wheat Flour. This wheat is grown regeneratively and organically in the Sacrament Valley, it’s the secret ingredient for perfect pastries, cookies, and more. Shop now for a baking experience like no other. Alpowa, an organically and regeneratively grown soft white spring wheat, was developed at Washington State University. Alpowa is primarily a pastry wheat; however, its grain can be used in all types of soft wheat products such as cakes, cookies, piecrusts and crackers, as well as blended into our Hard Red Wheat Flour for flaky traditional style wheat tortillas.


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Unlock the Magic of Home Baking with Alpowa, Our Organic Soft White Wheat Flour

At Early Bird Farm & Mill, we’ve tapped into the age-old secret that transforms ordinary baking into a culinary masterpiece: exceptional flour. Alpowa, our Organic Soft White Wheat Flour isn’t just another bag on the shelf; it’s the key to unlocking your home baking potential. Sourced from the pristine regeneratively grown fields of the Sacramento Valley, this soft white wheat is a cornerstone for countless family memories waiting to be made.
  • Locally-Sourced, Loved Nationwide: The grains used in our flour are grown in California’s Sacramento Valley, renowned for its nutrient-rich soil that nourishes the wheat from root to tip.
  • Versatility Unmatched: Ideal for cookies, cakes, pie crusts, and even gravy! This is your go-to flour for a softer texture and sumptuous flavor.
  • 100% Organic Goodness: No pesticides, no additives—just pure, wholesome, natural wheat. Our certified organic, regeneratively grown flour means you’re not just feeding your family, you’re nourishing them.

Elevate Every Meal with the Softest, Whitest Wheat Flour

Take your culinary skills to the next level by using our Alpowa. Known for its fine texture and unmatched taste, our soft white wheat flour guarantees every dish will be a memorable one. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a baking novice, our flour will make you the star of the kitchen.
  • Melt-In-Your-Mouth Goodness: The fine grains of our soft white wheat flour ensures a light and airy texture, ideal for making heavenly pastries, biscuits, and pancakes.
  • Fuel for Your Family: Rich in essential nutrients like fiber and protein, our flour isn’t just delicious—it’s good for you.

Sustainable Baking, One Bag at a Time

When you purchase grains from Early Bird, you’re investing in sustainable agriculture. Our commitment to regenerative farming practices not only gives you a superior product but also nurtures the Earth for generations to come.
  • Conscious Consumption: Your purchase supports local farmers, reduces your carbon footprint, and encourages eco-friendly farming.
  • Quality That Speaks Volumes: Each bag of our flour undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure you’re getting the very best.