Edison Hard White Wheat Flour

Our Hard Red Spring Wheat is grown for us by Pleasant Grove Farms here in Northern California. It is a variety known as WB9229, a hybrid variety with roots in the heritage Red Wheat varieties known as Turkey Red and Red Fife, developed to be grown in Northern and Central California. With great attention given to the organic soil quality, this hard red, tested in the laboratory, performs better than any other wheat it is compared with, proving to have great oven spring and high-quality proteins.


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This Hard White Wheat is a variety developed in Spain called LCS Star, and it was grown organically in Northern Washington. This is the only product we carry that is not Northern California grown, simply because it was too good not to pass up. Hard white wheat flour can be used in the same way as any other flour. It can be used to make quick breads, sourdough starters, noodles, tortillas and flatbreads, crusts, and sweetbreads like muffins and pumpkin bread. Of course, white wheat can be used as whole berries as well.