Meet Farmer Drew

Welcome to Early Bird Farm & Mill, the living testament to a dream that transcends mere agriculture. At the helm of this dream is Farmer Drew, a well-versed expert in the field of regenerative agriculture, stone milling, and the artisanal craft of slow ferment sourdough bread-making. At 43 years young, Drew brings more than just hands-on experience to the table. His background encompasses in-depth study of soil science, and he integrates a holistic approach into the very core of the farm’s philosophy.

A Deep-Rooted Philosophy

Regenerative agriculture is not just a method but a mission for Farmer Drew. His extensive knowledge of the soil food web and the intricate ecosystem beneath our feet allows him to adopt farming practices that regenerate the land. This creates a sustainable system that enriches the soil, optimizes water usage, and enhances biodiversity.

Stone Milling Excellence

Early Bird Farm & Mill is not just a farm—it’s also a state-of-the-art milling operation. The stone grain mills on the property are more than just machinery; they are a tribute to tradition, quality, and a commitment to offering the highest quality grain products in the world. These mills produce stone-ground flour of the highest caliber, prioritizing whole grains and organic grains to ensure that each bag of flour is rich in nutrients and flavor.

The Sourdough Experience

Farmer Drew’s talent doesn’t stop at the field or the mill. He is a maestro when it comes to baking slow ferment sourdough bread. Utilizing the stone-ground flour produced on-site, the bread embodies the spirit of the farm—wholesome, natural, and deeply satisfying. It’s a craft that encapsulates the essence of ‘slow food,’ an ode to authenticity and taste.

Vitality in Relationships

Our motto, “Vitality in Relationships,” permeates every aspect of Early Bird Farm & Mill. We are not just cultivating crops; we are nurturing a community. Farmer Drew and his wife, Sabrina, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, envision this space as a nurturing ground for retreats and workshops. Topics will range from Bible studies to emotional resilience, family dynamics, and even culinary adventures like making your own sourdough bread.

Beyond Agriculture: A Vision for Community Resilience

The farm is more than a business; it is a community endeavor. The farm will be a hub for educational activities aimed at fostering true community and community resilience. Our goal is to build a model that can be replicated—one that sows seeds of deep love for God, people, and the earth. We are dedicated to spiritual disciplines such as hospitality, fasting, prayer, scripture reading, and so much more.Farmer Drew and family are not just farmers; they are missionary servants aiming to disciple one another. Here at Early Bird Farm & Mill, you’re not just a customer—you’re a part of our community, and we look forward to growing together.

Early Bird Farm & Mill stands as a living embodiment of what it means to merge tradition, science, and community.We welcome you to join us on this beautiful journey.Your experience with us will be more than just a transaction; it will be a communion of shared values and a celebration of the bounty that Earth has to offer.

With love and heartfelt warmth,

Farmer Drew & The Early Bird Farm & Mill Family